Professionals together on the ball: Stadium tour

Format : Events

Target: Customer loyalty

For two years, the Lieblingsagentur was allowed to accompany one of the largest vehicle parts dealers in Europe, including its guests. The WM SE group commissioned us in 2017 to come up with ideas and concepts of customer loyalty measures as part of the annual in house exhibitions. In order to inspire and inform the professional customers, a successful platform was born, the success of which was not only reflected in words, but also in measurable results. The stadium tour - professionals on the ball together! The football stadiums in Berlin, Stuttgart, Dortmund and Munich were rented exclusively. During the day's event, content was conveyed in a friendly and entertaining manner. This was accompanied by various site events for domestic and guests from abroad. The Lieblingsagentur was not only responsible for the concept, planning and implementation. The specially developed guest management tool also came from Krefeld. Around 1000 guests per location got a deeper insight into the company and the portfolio of WM SE: The result delighted customers and guests so much that this event format took place two years in a row.